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Each new employee should get an account to use at the Science faculty. We call it the Science account, but is also sometimes called the FNWI account. The science account is needed for :

  • Working on managed PCs.
  • Login to linux servers like lilo1.science.ru.nl, lilo2.science.ru.nl etc. where lilo.science.ru.nl is an alias of the preferred machine from this set.
  • Home directory, backed up by C&CZ, which is general accessible  :
  • Printing on network printers.
  • Connecting to the Science WiFi network.
  • Setting up a VPN connection with the Science faculty

We can ask C&CZ to create such an account by sending postmaster@cs.ru.nl an email with the following information:

  • Real name
  • Preferred login name
  • Email address; several extra aliases are possible
  • expire date of account (can be extended)
  • U-number ( is login name of U-Account)

Office and phone numbers are no longer needed. This kind of information is supposed to be added by the management assistants of the sections.

Note that it can be combined with the question to create a personal webpage. See Webpage.

Next to the science account :

  • local employees need to register a so called u-account
  • external phds/employees/contacts (without ru salary) can register for a so called e-account