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We have two types of printers:

  • Peage printers: print using the Peage server
  • Department printers: print using the CnCZ samba server(azurite.cs.ru.nl and lacertian.cs.ru.nl) or directly with IPP (lazarus.cs.ru.nl)

Peage printers

Quick install

Quickly configure FollowMe printing for the new printers in two steps:

Important: It is best to set black and white and double-sided as the default. Only print in color or do one-sided printing when you really need it. Reasons: color prints are much more expensive and should only be done when really needed, and printing double-sided will make you use less paper.

For more details see below.

Overview Peage printers (Konica-Minolta)

Overview Peage printers at Mercator 1 building:

floor printer type name UNC - Windows style URI - IPP style
0 Konica Minolta bizhub C458 KM-0083 \\print.hosting.ru.nl\FollowMe smb://print.hosting.ru.nl/FollowMe
1 Konica Minolta bizhub C458 KM-0084 \\print.hosting.ru.nl\FollowMe smb://print.hosting.ru.nl/FollowMe
2 Konica Minolta bizhub C458 KM-0085 \\print.hosting.ru.nl\FollowMe smb://print.hosting.ru.nl/FollowMe
3 Konica Minolta bizhub C458 KM-0086 \\print.hosting.ru.nl\FollowMe smb://print.hosting.ru.nl/FollowMe

Peage printing explained: "FollowMe" printing via Peage server

To print on the Konica-Minolta printers you have the use the central Peage printing system. The flow of printing using Peage is a little bit different. For all Konica-Minolta printers you only have to install a single printer on your system print.hosting.ru.nl ( for both Faculty employees as students). You send print job to this generic print queue (using your u-account credentials, not your peage pincode). Then you walk to your Konica-Minolta printer of choice and you login using either your

  • u-account name and ru-password
  • ru-card : just hold it for the card logo and you will automatically be logged in.
    • Only on first time the printer asks your u-account name and ru-password to link this RFID card to your account.
    • You can use any card with an RFID. Eg. a new bankpass will also work.
    • Only one card can be linked to your account. If you link a another card, the linkage to the previous card will be overwritten.
    • See login with ru-card webpage for instructions how to link your card.
  • a 6 digit pincode. You need to specify only your pincode to login, that is you don't need to specify your u-account name. See generate pincode for peage.

When logged in to the printer the printer will fetch all your jobs from the server and shows you a job listing. You can select some or all of your jobs and then press the blue start button on the printer to start printing these jobs.

Jobs you forget to print are kept for 24 hours on the server. After the 24 hours they are automatically deleted from the server.

This method of printing is called FollowMe printing because at any printer of the university you can fetch the jobs from the server and print them; the printing server follows me.

Installing "FollowMe printing" : send job to the Peage printer server and on the selected printer retrieve job from server

Overview FollowMe printers:

location name UNC - Windows style URI - IPP style
any konica minolta at the university Peage \\print.hosting.ru.nl\FollowMe smb://print.hosting.ru.nl/FollowMe

Quickly configure FollowMe printing for the new printers in two steps:

Important: It is best to set black and white and double-sided as the default. Only print in color or do one-sided printing when you really need it. Reasons: color prints are much more expensive and should only be done when really needed, and printing double-sided will make you use less paper.


  • your u-account (eg. u123456) is used on your computer to authenticate to the peage server when printing and it is used as follows:
    • user: ru\u123456
      IMPORTANT: DON'T forget to put 'ru\' before your u-account name!
    • password: <u-account password>
  • the generic "FollowMe" printer location :
    • for windows: \\print.hosting.ru.nl\FollowMe
    • for mac/linux: smb://print.hosting.ru.nl/FollowMe
  • All this info is also on the C&CZ wiki at https://wiki.science.ru.nl/cncz/Peage
  • On the website of the "Facilitair Bedrijf" are also peage instructions http://www.ru.nl/fb/english/print/instructions/printing/
Grayscale configuration

Grayscale printing is cheaper. The rates for printing are shown at : http://www.ru.nl/fb/english/print/rates/.

  • for linux :
    right-click printer -> in popup menu select "properties" 
    then select "Printer Options" form
    in which you set
         Select Color: grayscale   => this option is only available if you installed 
                                      the driver from the ppd file 
                                   => it is not available if you choose generic postscript driver
    note: if you installed the linux driver from the ppd file the default should already be grayscale
  • for macos (apple) :
    in printer dialog 
      select halfway the window the option "Color Matching"  
      then select "Color Sync" with "Black & White"
      and finally save these settings as a preset setting "grayscale"
      note: os x always remembers last preset setting choosen so this will become the default
  • for Windows:
Trays and paper sizes
  • the Peage printers contain A3 and A4 paper
  • in the print job specify paper type and paper size but don't specify which tray, the printer will find out the right tray itself. So specify tray "auto".

You can also print on special paper which you provide yourself. Eg. to print a letter on university paper then:

  • select paper size "A4"
  • select paper type "letterhead"(dutch:briefpapier) to print to the special "manual feed"/"bypass tray"
  • if the 'bypass tray' is empty the printer will hold until you put paper in the tray, and then the printer will continue.

All other print jobs after your job will wait until your job is finished,so please don't wait to long to fill the 'bypass tray' with paper.

General support info

Before march 2019 both FollowMe and direct printing where supported, however with the switch to new Konica Minolta printers with new backend software in march 2019 only FollowMe printing is supported. Because of improved convenience of logging in with your ru-card makes that direct printing probably won't be enabled again.

For questions:

  • Konica Minolta will do all support : phone (024-36)55955
  • University helpdesk: ICT helpdesk : phone (024-36)22222
  • Faculty helpdesk: CNCZ helpdesk: phone (024-36)20000

How to fix printing after a changed U-account password

The U-account credentials are used to authenticate to the Peage printer server. When installing the printer these credentials where stored in your local operating system and not in the printer configuration. Thus when you changed your credentials you should also update the stored credentials for printing. This is done different per operating system :

  • for windows : update your credentials in the windows credential manager ; see windows installation
  • for mac  : update your credentials in the keychain
  • for linux : update your credentials in the gnome keyring with the program seahorse which you might need to install first ; see linux installation


  • the ict-helpdesk(phone 22222) told me that it is better to delete your credentials in the credential manager,keychain,gnome,keyring and then do a printjob which will automatically ask for your credentials. Remember that on linux it is adviced to use firefox to make a test print to initialize and store your credentials safely in the gnome keyring. Explicitly firefox because not all linux programs ask for authentication correctly, but printing with these programs will work once the credentials are stored correcty in the keyring.
  • wrong credentials can block your account on the active directory service providing access to the printer server. You can verify that your account is blocked by trying to mount \\print.hosting.ru.nl on windows, or smb://print.hosting.ru.nl on macos/linux. A blocked account will be unblocked automatically after 30 minutes. You can also call the ict-helpdesk (phone 22222) to let them unblock it.
  • It can happen that your account got blocked because your old credentials are still used on a device/pc where you forgot to update your password. So update your password on all devices at the same time. You can always call the ict-helpdesk(phone 22222) to inform which device did block your account.

Department printers

Overview department printers (HP)

The recommended printing protocol is in bold:

floor 1

             HP LaserJet 600 M602, duplex, tray 3 (500 page)    supports: jetdirect(port 9100), lpd(port 515), ipp(port 631) printing
             before room 01.07A    
             note: drivers fow windows 7 not standard installed 

floor 2

                   HP LaserJet P4015DN (voormalig mbsd-prt)   supports: smb(printsmb.science.ru.nl),jetdirect(port 9100),lpd(port 515),ipp(port 631) printing
                   before room 02.08A 
                   windows xp users should use the : hp 4100 series ps driver 	
                   windows 7 users should use the :  'HP Laserjet P4014/P4015 PCL6' 

floor 3

                    HP LaserJet M402dn  supports: smb(printsmb.science.ru.nl),jetdirect(port 9100)
                    before room 03.11a 
                    linux users typically need hplip-3.15.11 or newer for this printer

Installing department printer

smb printers azurite.cs.ru.nl and lacertian.cs.ru.nl

For lazurite.cs.ru.nl and lacertian.cs.ru.nl use the printsmb.science.ru.nl server and the smb protocol with user authentication.

Explanation: for lazurite.cs.ru.nl and lacertian.cs.ru.nl and direct access to printer is only possible from local utp network. So directly printing to the printer with the ipp/jetdirect protocol without authentication only works for machines on the local network and thus not for laptops connected to the eduroam network. Samba printing works on all networks because C&CZ allows it for all networks within the university because it uses authentication via the smb protocol. Note: the smb server is inaccessible from networks outside the university, but then it is still accessible via the VPNsec network.

Installation descriptions for windows, linux and macos

Installation descriptions for windows, linux and macos you can find at https://wiki.cncz.science.ru.nl/Printers_en_printen .

IMPORTANT: for authenticated printing with the smb protocol your account needs to be in a the pr-icis unix group. You can check this in the http://dhz.science.ru.nl website under the subpage groups. If you are not member of a the pr-icis unix group then the scientific programmer of your section can add you to it.

Technical details  :

  • uses central printer server to send jobs to printer:
    • Windows: \\printsmb.science.ru.nl\printername
    • Linux, Mac: smb://printsmb.science.ru.nl/<printernaam>
      IMPORTANT: sometimes smb://printsmb.science.ru.nl/printername can fail due to a bug in Samba, then use smb://printsmb/printername and add the line " printsmb" to your /etc/hosts file.
  • authentication needed with science account
  • IMPORTANT: when using eduroam make sure it uses this university credentials, otherwise you are seen as a guest on the network and disallowed to access the printers over the smb protocol!!
  • works on all local networks (including wireless networks)

ipp printer lazarus.cs.ru.nl

For lazarus.cs.ru.nl use the ipp printing protocol.

Explanation: the printer lazarus.cs.ru.nl is next to the local utp network also accessible from the eduroam and the vpnsec networks. However note that lazarus is removed from the printsmb.science.ru.nl server, so you cannot print to it with the smb protocol anymore. But that central server is not needed anymore because the printer is now directly accessible by all networks .

The advantages are that

  • you don't need to authorize anymore
  • laptop users on eduroam can now directly print to this printer
  • guests now also can easily install and use this printer
  • people with highly secured laptops which are not allowed to install a printer can upload a printjob to the website: https://lazarus.cs.ru.nl/hp/device/Print/Index without any printer installation needed

The disadvantage however is that in principle students can also print to this printer, but I think by not advertising this and social control this configuration will be fine.

Technical details  :

  • directly sends jobs to the printer:
    • protocol: Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)
    • Device URI: lazarus.cs.ru.nl
    • authentication: not needed, open for everyone
  • works on local network, eduroam network and vpn network (only for lazarus, not for lacertion nor lazurite)
install IPP printer on windows
  • goto: Control Panel ( dutch: configuratie scherm ) => Device and Printers
  • click menubar button "Add a printer"
  • Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer
  • below select: The printer that I want isn't listed
  • in upcoming window
  • then choose driver : HP (left) , HP Laserje 600 M601 M602 M603 PCL6 (if not found install driver from hp website or use Generic Postscript Printer


  • Press OK, then Press Next
  • then choose whether you want it as default printer
  • Press Finish
  • then right click the new printer icon and select "printing properties"
  • in "printing properties" set paper to A4 and make sure the duplex unit is enabled
  • then right click the new printer icon and select "printing preferences" and do there the same
install IPP printer on linux
  • execute as normal user the command: system-config-printer
    On Fedora linux you will automatically be asked for the root password.
    On Ubuntu linux you are allowed to continu if you are an admin user, otherwise you have to supply in a popup window the credentials for a valid admin user.
  • in the started gui choose add new printer.
  • in the upcoming dialog window choose:
    • Device: Network Printer - Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)
    • Enter Device URI: ipp://lazarus.cs.ru.nl (note: right port will be automatically found)
  • then it automatically recognizes the printer and lets you configure it
install IPP printer on macos
  • goto: System preferences => Printers & Scanners
  • click on '+' on left bottom corner
  • a new windows opens, and in that window open the "IP" tab
  • fill in form:
    • Address: lazarus.cs.ru.nl
    • Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol - IPP
    • Queue: <leave empty>
    • Name: <choose something>
    • Use: Generic Postscript Printer
  • click "Add" button
  • in popup window check the checkbox "Duplex Printing Unit"
  • click "Ok" button