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New Employee

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Everything that needs to be done for a new employee :


contact: scientific programmers or Simone Meeuwsen

  • setup science account; (also called FNWI account) with corresponding email address
    see info about EmailAliases
    Contact: scientific programmers
  • register in ICIS administration 
    Contact: Simone Meeuwsen
  • register address/phone/room in telgids administration 
    Contact: Simone Meeuwsen
  • register an university account
    • local employees need to register a so called u-account
      note: your U-account only becomes active 1 day after registering in telgids, but changing your password in the identity management website is already possible.
    • external phds/employees/contacts (without ru salary) can register for a so called e-account
    • management of university account at the university's identity management website : http://idm.ru.nl (eg. for changing password)
      also see info at http://www.ru.nl/idmuk/
  • former students of the Radboud University need to change their science account registration:
    • change registration from student s-number into employee u-number
    • delete student.ru.nl email alias and registration of new science.ru.nl/cs.ru.nl email aliases
    • registration of one of the Support_Staff as administrative contact person
    • notes:
      • the change or registration must be done by your departments Support_Staff; if this is not yet done, contact the Support_Staff.
      • this is a pure administrative change: it won't change anything technically to your account
      • if you don't do the registration change the student account will scheduled for removement and you will be informed by email.


contact: scientific programmers

also see new employee info at C&CZ

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