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Welcome to the iCIS intra wiki.

Most pages in this wiki are open to the public, however only for the protected pages you must login. To edit a page within this wiki you always have to login. You can login to the wiki using OpenIDLogin and simply use your science account name and password. If you are a new employee and don't have a science account, or if you need any assistance, please contact the scientific programmer of your sector for support. They are

New Employee

For new employees there is a special page for them here : New Employee

However before you can access that page you first to need to register for a science account; (also called FNWI account). You can do this by contacting one of the scientific programmers listed above.


  • sidebar : list the most important pages. Only for the protected pages you have to login.
  • topbar:  list the several categories; from here all pages can be found. Public and private pages are here not separately listed.