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All employees can have their own web page in the www.cs.ru.nl domain. However, this is not implemented by default. The scientific programmers can do this for you.

If it has been set up, you can reach it via the web like this:

  • www.cs.ru.nl/personal/<login> or www.cs.ru.nl/~<login>
  • www.cs.ru.nl/<longname> (e.g. H.Kuppens, P.deVrieze etc.)

And you can maintain it like this:

  • university linux server (lilo.science.ru.nl) : 

       file access : /www/cs/live/htdocs/personal/<login>

  • windows : 

       smb access : \\www.cs.ru.nl\wwwcs\live\htdocs\personal\<login>

  • Mac/Linux

       smb access : smb://www.cs.ru.nl/wwwcs/live/htdocs/personal/<login>

  • dreamweaver users: ftp access not available anymore; instead use sftp access
    • connect using: sftp
    • address: lilo.science.ru.nl
    • directory: /www/cs/live/htdocs/personal/<login>
    • username: <login>
    • password: <password>

Note: the logs of the web server are at /www/cs/live/logs/ or \\www.cs.ru.nl\wwwcs\live\logs\ or smb://www.cs.ru.nl/wwwcs/live/logs/
Note: the web server machine is wielewaal.science.ru.nl.

Web directory not writable anymore by web server

For security reasons the account that runs the web server cannot write files in the web directory. If you run web server scripts that need to write files, you have two options:

  • (preferred) Ask your scientific programmer to create a subdirectory for you in /www/cs/live/writable/ and write the files there.
  • Explicitely allow the web server account write access by using the setfacl command (the uid of this account is 10880, the username is not known on C&CZ terminal servers).

Paths on file server and web server are different

The web server directory is differently mounted on different servers :

  • login server lilo.science.ru.nl : /www/cs/
  • current web server : wielewaal.science.ru.nl : /var/www2/cs/

User Authorization on cncz web servers

On cncz web servers only the mod_auth_basic module is installed in the apache web server. The module mod_auth_digest is not installed.

So we cannot use digest authorization but must use basic authorization on cncz web servers.

How to use basic auth  :

 $ ssh lilo.science.ru.nl

 $ cd /www/cs/live/htdocs/personal/<username>/secure/

 # make .htpasswd file containing user accounts with md5 encrypted passwords
 # note: if htpasswd command is not installed one can also use
 #       the website : http://www.htaccesstools.com/htpasswd-generator/
 $ htpasswd -c .htpasswd <username>
 New password: xxxxxxxx
 Re-type new password: xxxxxxxx

 # make .htaccess file with the following content
 $ cat .htaccess
 AuthName "mysite"
 AuthType Basic
 # using path relative from ServerRoot(=/var/www2/cs/ on webserver and mounted as /www/cs on lilo)
 AuthUserFile "live/htdocs/personal/<username>/secure/.htpasswd"
 # old: use absolute path
 #AuthUserFile "/var/www2/cs/live/htdocs/personal/<username>/secure/.htpasswd"
 require user <username>

Note: the directory used in the .htaccess file is that of the web server and not of the file server.