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Remote Access

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Not all network resources available at the university are not available when you are outside the university.

However when connected to a VPN one can have access to all network resources as like you are working on a computer located at the university locally.

Ssh terminal

You can always log in to one of the linux login servers with ssh. (eg. lilo5.science.ru.nl)

Remote desktop

The instructions below assume that the server runs a vnc server which allows you to open a remote desktop on the server.

Remote desktop via VPN

Although it is possible to set up a Remote Desktop connection via an SSH-tunnel, the preferred way (according to C&CZ) is to do it over VPN.

This basically means that if you have setup a VPN connection with the faculty's VPN-server, you only need to make sure that your targetmachine is reachable from the VPN-server and that you are in the Local Remote Desktop users group. This typically needs to be configured by C&CZ.

Remote desktop via SSH tunnel

Assuming that you want to run a remote desktop via a login server such as lilo.science.ru.nl you can do that via an SSH tunnel.

Note: these instructions assume that the port 3389 is open on the targetmachine and that you have an account that is part of the Local Remote Desktop user group. If you are trying to connect to a Windows Managed PC you should ask C&CZ to set these settings.


On  linux/mac you can do something like:

  ssh -L 13389:targetmachine:3389 username@lilo.science.ru.nl 

followed by the command:

  rdesktop -u username localhost:13389 


If you are on Windows you can use the program Tunnelier.

In the Login tab you should set the following parameters:

Host: lilo.science.ru.nl 
Port: 22 Username: your username at the login server 

In the C2S Fwding tab you should Add a row and set the following parameters:

Status: enabled Listen 
List. Port: 13389 
Destination Host: targetmachine 
Dest. Port: 3389 

Now first connect to the login server using the Login button. Then you can start RemoteDesktop and connect to the address: