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Visitor address

  Toernooiveld 212

Postal address

The prefered mail address is the PO Box address (below) with the name of the addressee and the full name of the department. If the mailbox numbers corresponding with the mailboxes at the reception in the entrance hall of our building are added to the address you will be sure of delivery at the right place.

  <your name>
  Institute for Computing and Information Sciences
  Radboud University Nijmegen
  Mailbox 47
  P.O. Box 9010
  6500 GL Nijmegen
  The Netherlands

Note: if you order something without using Oracle, the people at the reception do not sign for those packages delivered there.  Instead use as postal address :

  <your name>  
  Logistics Department
  Institute for Computing and Information Science
  Radboud University Nijmegen
  Toernooiveld 8
  6525 ED Nijmegen
  The Netherlands

How to get here

To visitors you can supply the following link to supply with extensive information about how to get here :