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Within iCIS

If you are looking for someone within iCIS you can have a look at the so-called staff pages.

        goto: people at iCIS

Within the Science faculty

If you are trying to find someone within the Science faculty you can use the program telgids on lilo1 or lilo2. First open up an ssh session to lilo1.science.ru.nl or lilo2.science.ru.nl and then issue the command telgids <search string>. Or you can do this in a single command ssh lilo1.science.ru.nl -e "telgids <search string>"'.

Or nowadays you can also use telgids online: FNWI Telefoongids

You can also search for machines in FNWI Ethergids:

Within the Radboud University

If you are searching for someone outside the Science faculty, you should probably use the service below.
note: this service doesn't give the room numbers, you can however find them by searching for people in the radboudnet website :