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As employee you have 2 accounts:

External phds/employees/contacts (without ru salary) can register for a so called E-account at the central personal department.

Which login for which services?

Source: C&CZ

  • With the faculty Science login you can use:
    • The Do It Yourself website to change your password and other settings of your Science account.
    • Science network disc space.
    • Linux login-servers.
    • Mail: Science mail. The corresponding email address ends in science.ru.nl, for example: J.Smith@student.science.ru.nl. Extra email addresses of the form John.Smith@student.science.ru.nl can be requested. Faculty mailings will use this address. It is possible, if needed, to automatically forward this mail to a different email address through the Do It Yourself website.
    • VPN (network access from home): the Science VPN service.
    • Wi-fi: the Eduroam wireless networks with username science-login@science.ru.nl.
    • Printers: the few C&CZ-managed accounted printers.