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Wireless Network for employees: eduroam

The wireless network that we advise to use, is eduroam.

Note: the ru-wlan and the science wireless networks are deprecated.

Authentication is done in one of the following ways:

  • U-number@ru.nl and RU password (for employees)
  • S-number@ru.nl and RU password (for students)
  • science-loginname@science.ru.nl and Science-password

How to connect to Eduroam?

Three ways to setup:

  1. In your operating system try to connect to the eduroam network. You should be asked for credentials. Use the credentials as written in previous section. Then you should be connected to eduroam.
  2. If this fails then use a Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) which guides you in the setup of your eduroam setup. After successful configuration you can connect to the eduroam network. How to fetch this CAT tool?
    • if you don't have an internet connection: you can connect to the “eduroam-config” network instead. You can connect to this network without credentials. When you then open a web browser you will be guided to a website where you can download a Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT).
    • if you have an internet connection: download a Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) from https://cat.eduroam.org/. Note: for android phones you can download an eduroam CAT app in the play store.
  3. Finally when everything fails you can go to our System Support department C&CZ which are happy to help you setting up Eduroam.

For more information about setting up a wireless connection see :

Eduroam technical information

  • Networkname/SSID: eduroam (be careful: no capital letters)
  • Verification/Authentication: WPA2 in combination with IEEE 802.1X (this combination is sometimes also named: WPA2-Enterprise)
  • encryption: AES
  • Authentication method: PEAP
  • Authentication protocol: MS-CHAP-v2
  • Credentials; two possibilities, however we advice to use the science credentials :
    • Science credentials:
      • Identity: Science-login@science.ru.nl e.g janj@science.ru.nl (convenient for temporary guest account)
      • Password: Science-password
    • RU credentials:
      • Identity: RU-login@ru.nl (U-, S-, E- of Z-nummer@ru.nl) eg. u123456@ru.nl
      • Password: RU-password

Extra tips in case of problems

  • always use the most recent driver for your wireless network card
  • give eduroam the highest preference in the list of wireless networks
  • in the properties of your wireless network card configure as prefered network
    • frequency: first 5 GHz, then 2,4 GHz
    • protocol: first 802.11a, then 802.11g
  • when having a good connection minimalize roaming (switching between wireless access points)
    • prevent roaming by staying a the same place
    • in the properties of your wireless network card configure the agressivity of roaming on minimal
  • if you have a bad connection try to move to other location with a better signal strength/quality. If you then find a better connection then often if you move back to your old location this better connection persists.
  • in practice the following helps
    • reboot and reconnect
    • remove your edoroam settings and redo the configuration

Wireless Network for guests: ru-guest

Source: http://www.ru.nl/ict-uk/guests/wifi-visitors/

With eduroam Visitor Access (eVA), staff members can give their guests access to the eduroam network (WiFi) on campus.

Access for one day

On http://portal.ru.nl, you can find a day code and telephone number to give to your guest(s). The same code can be given to an unlimited number of guests. Your guest will then need to text the day code to the telephone number after which a username and password for one day will be texted back automatically.

Access for multiple days

Do you wish to grant your guests access for a longer period of time, want to know the day code beforehand (to make sure that your guests can prepare themselves for their visit to campus) or grant a large number of guests access to eduroam during a multi-day event? The employees of the ICT Helpdesk of C&CZ can help you. Eg. they can create several science guest accounts. A guest can use such a guest account to login to the eduroam network in the same way as the local staff. See the three possible ways to connect mentioned at the top of this page.